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All of our bread is made with organic grains grown as close to our bakery in Wellington as possible.

Our sourdough hearth loaves begin when we combine the water, flours and leaven to be mixed by hand early in the morning. We continue to turn/fold the doughs throughout the day. Then shape the loaves in the afternoon and retard them in the fridge overnight. While we sleep the bread develops flavour texture and leavening power, ready for us to bake in our stone hearth oven in the morning.

The sourdough leaven adds many great aspects to the bread including exceptional keeping qualities. Most of our bread can be enjoyed the second day without many signs of staling and used for toast several days after that. Because of these keeping qualities, our bread does not make good toast on the day that it is baked. It is far too moist and you'll just end up burning the crust.

Fresh bread for dinner..toast for breakfast.


The wholegrain loaves are made with a mixture of white and wholemeal flours. We also add a blend of seeds and grains that we soak overnight with a bit of leaven to begin the fermentation even earlier. The seeds and grains add a great toasty depth of flavour to the finished loaf. Available in large and small loaves.


Our wholemeal hearth loaf is both our best seller and our baker's favourite. We use biodynamically grown and milled wholemeal wheat flour grown on the Cantebury plains. The flour is milled to order on the farm where it is grown. Then shipped straight to us full of amazing flavour and vigorous biota. Available in large and small loaves.


Even our white loaves have a bunch of wholemeal flour in it. Just because we think it's delicious, great for the bread and healthy for the customers. Available in both large and small loaves.


This loaf is in a different league due to the large amount of cooked polenta we add to the dough. We brew up a big batch of Gisborne grown and milled corn. The polenta means that the loaf has a new dynamic of flavour and stays moist for days. Our polenta loaf is baked in a loaf tin instead of on a stone hearth. We add a tiny bit of prefermented commercial yeast to this bread because it lightens the crust to a more papery texture while preserving a finer crumb than our straight sourdoughs.



Our sandwich rye uses the same yeast techniques as the polenta. However it is composed of approximately thirty percent rye flour that has been biodynamically grown and milled on the Canterbury plains. The rye flour adds a unique flavour and texture that only rye can.